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Brand Champix-Starter Kit Champix Starter Kit online ordering details
Generic name: Brand Champix-Starter Kit
Our brands : Champix Starter Kit Brand Champix-Starter Kit
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Manufacturer : :Pfizer Limited
Ordering details/How to buy : Availability: In Stock ;Valid For: 12 months :

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Short description
Overview and Benefits   Champix (varenicline) is a medication used to help smokers quit smoking. The treatment is used in combination with behavior modification as well as counseling support. The goal of the treatment is to eradicate nicotine dependence.   Varenicline, the active ingredient of Champix, works by obstructing the part of the brain that perceives the pleasurable effects of smoking. This subsequently reduces the desire to smoke. The medicine also decreases the withdrawal symptoms which include dysphoria, depression, irritability, anxiety, anger, frustration, restlessness, decreased heart rate, increased appetitive, and difficulty concentrating.  The tablets will further block the enjoyable effects or rewarding effects that are associated with smoking.   The Champix-starter pack is the first step in the 12 weeks treatment course that is designed to help with effective smoking cessation. Champix (varenicline) will help stop smoking. It breaks nicotine dependence. 

Brand Champix-Starter Kit Brand Champix-Starter Kit Champix Starter Kit package

Shipping pack Brand Champix-Starter Kit

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