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Female Tadalafil Female Cialis online ordering details
Generic name: Female tadalafil
Our brands : Female Tadalafil Female Cialis Female tadalafil
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Manufacturer : :Various
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Short description
Overview   Female Tadalafil is available to treat FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder) and for women with sexual dysfunction. The medicine works by increasing the flow of blood to the woman&rsquos genital region and can help with the stimulation of vaginal lubrication. The drug is labeled to start working within 45 minutes after taking it. The effects will last from 12 to 24 hours.   Female Tadalafil works in the same way as it does in men. It blocks the phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) enzyme. This leads to an increased flow of blood to the genital area. A 2001 study concluded that the action of this drug can enhance sexual arousal in women.   Female Tadalafil may also be used to treat Raynaud&rsquos phenomenon which is a condition related to the reduced flow of blood to the fingers and hands. This is caused by cold temperatures or stress. 

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