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Gillette Fusion Power Blades Gillette Fusion Power Blades online ordering details
Generic name: Gillette fusion power blades
Our brands : Gillette Fusion Power Blades Gillette fusion power blades
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Short description
Overview   The Gillette Fusion Power Blades are precision shaving systems that feature advanced engineering for optimal performance. Unlike the standard blades, the Gillette Fusion Power Blades feature 5 blades spaced closely together. This leads to the distribution of pressure across the blades for a more comfortable shaving experience. The five blades further result in a closer shave with less irritation.   In addition to the 5 blades technology, the shaver vibrates. The added motion puts the blades in constant contact with the skin. The vibration feature will cause the whiskers to stand up and readies them for cutting. Consequently, the user does not need to deal with the tugging and pulling. The device is powered by AAA Alkaline battery which should be replaced at least once every 3 to 6 months for optimal performance.   The Gillette Fusion Power Blades can be used with or without the vibration feature. It all depends on user preferences. 

Gillette fusion power blades Gillette Fusion Power Blades Gillette Fusion Power Blades package

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