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Pennicilin G Pentids online ordering details
Generic name: Pentids
Our brands : Pennicilin G Pentids Pentids
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Manufacturer : :Nicholas Primal
Ordering details/How to buy : Availability: In Stock ;Valid For: 12 months :

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Short description
Overview   Pennicilin G is known as a natural penicillin antibiotic. The drug works by stopping the growth of bacteria in the body. As a result, this medication is used to treat and prevent a variety of bacterial infections including the prevention of bacterial endocarditis in people with certain heart diseases while having surgery.   The Pennicilin G works by preventing the synthesis of bacterial cell wall. The result of this is cell lysis and the subsequent death of the bacteria. This drug has poor solubility and hence works slowly and for a longer period of time.   To avoid drug-resistant bacteria and to ensure the effective working of Pennicilin G, this antibiotic should only be used to prevent or treat infections where the cause is known to be bacteria. 

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