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Caboki Caboki online ordering details
Generic name: Caboki
Our brands : Caboki Hair Loss Treatment Caboki
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Manufacturer : :Caboki
Ordering details/How to buy : Availability: In Stock ;Valid For: 12 months :

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Short description
Overview and Benefits   Caboki is a hair loss product that instantly conceals bald spots and thinning areas. It is neither a shoe polish nor paint for hair. It is a product made of natural plant fibers which cling to the hair securely to make the hair look thicker and fuller. This eliminates the thinning areas instantly.   The natural ingredients used in this products, which don&rsquot include animal ingredients, fillers, preservatives and synthetic dyes, makes Caboki safe and ideal even for sensitive scalps. The product can be used by both men and women with thinning hairlines.   The plant fibers used in making Caboki are made from the Moraccan Gossypium Herbaceum. This is a plant that grows in the arid regions of Morocco. The plant is chosen for its fibers which have similar surface optical properties as human hair. This is what makes the results look natural. Second, these fibers carry a negative electrical charge which when combined with the positively charged hairs lead to a stronger bond through a natural electromagnetic force. The bond is strong enough to last all day and withstand strong winds, rain and sweating.  

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